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A timeless classic made to exacting quality measures sets the standard. The Standard range features the original Coolicon® shade as first produced and a larger partner model. The Original 1933 is a small elegant shade with a curvaceous form and a very human scale. This stunning and versatile hand finished pendant shade is equally at home in an industrial setting or a stylish home, restaurant or an office. An extensive palette of deeply rich and vibrant colours enhances a myriad of settings.


The Icon

Coolicon® was the choice for lighting in factories, workshops, mills and farm buildings during the 1930s. It was employed throughout London Underground, BBC and NHS for offices, workshops and back room areas. The immensely practical yet elegantly simple light was seen in the corridors of power in government and military offices during the 1940s, and even Churchill’s War Rooms featured a Coolicon® light in the kitchen.

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Statement Lighting

With its iconic shape, rich colour palette and quality of finishing, your Coolicon® is a central statement in any room. Forming a focal point, a room’s ambiance is only enhanced by Coolicon®’s Bi-Directional lighting as the shade’s colours become more vibrant as the night gets darker.