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Craftsmans™ Range

With our Craftsmans™ range we are proud to celebrate a long tradition of producing the finest china here in the Potteries. Coolicon®, once THE light to illuminate the industrial landscape of the Potteries is now being proudly produced in the very same factories. The Craftsmans™ range fuses classic materials and traditional skills with timeless design to create a unique range of unrivalled quality and workmanship. Mixing unexpected materials such as fine bone china with terracotta, or precious hardwoods with glazed bone china reflectors, the Craftsmans™ range exults all that is good in hand made British craftsmanship.


Production Process

Our Craftsmans™ range is lovingly produced by hand in the birthplace of bone china, Stoke on Trent. Fired three times, our shades progress through the production process under the watchful eye of the master craftsman and his family team. We believe with good reason we are are working with the world’s finest bone china workshop.

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A New Dawn

For the first time in over 85 years Coolicon® has introduced a range of shades including a shade without its iconic vents. With a closed Gallery that hints at the original Coolicon® vents, the bone china Silhouette™, handmade in the Potteries emits a unique soft glow that lights up a room like no other. The handmade Silhouette™ badge is finished in 24 Karat gold, within a lustrous glaze. Partnered with our Terracotta shades, the deeply rich shades just have to be touched, and are a real conversation piece.

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