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First patented and produced in 1933, the handcrafted Coolicon® lamp shade is an icon of British industry. Its elegant form is as fresh and ground-breaking today as it was then. Coolicon®’s considered design and durability made it a reliable beacon for millions of workers in Britain’s industrial heartlands.Designed to efficiently light the UK’s factories and workshops, the addition of 2 vents in the shades gallery enabled heat to escape upwards resulting in a 40% reduction in convection heat, something of a relief for those toiling in hard industry. A fixture in the backrooms and ticket offices of the London Underground, some still hang even to this day. An original green Coolicon lightshade even found its way into contemporary electronic music with influential BBC Radiophonic Workshop pioneer Delia Derbyshire using its unique resonance qualities to score a plethora of TV sci-fi greats. Her influence is sighted from artists including Pink Floyd to The Chemical Brothers, even as far as Aphex Twin. We are pleased to have played our part.


A Symbol of reliability

Coolicon® was the choice for lighting in factories, workshops, mills and farm buildings from the 1930’s onward. The practical yet elegantly simple light was seen in the corridors of power of government and military offices during the 1940’s, and one sits proudly in Churchill’s War Rooms to this day.

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Return of an icon

After disappearing in the early 1980’s Coolicon® Lighting has lovingly put the classic original shade back into production. New Coolicon® shades with their clear simple lines and enamelled high gloss finishes are true to the original - made in England from steel. A two part hand welded gallery and a reflector utilise the highest quality standards to ensure maximum performance and long life - traditionally the benchmarks of good industrial design in Great Britain.