Coolicon® Craftsmans™ - Silhouette

Coolicon® Craftsmans™ - Silhouette


xxWith our Craftsmans™ range we are proud to celebrate a long tradition of producing the finest china here in the Potteries, Coolicon® once THE light to illuminate the industrial landscape of the Potteries is now being proudly produced in the very same factories. The Craftsmans™ range fuses classic materials and traditional skills with timeless design to create a unique range of unrivalled quality and workmanship.

Our bone china Silhouette is finished in 24 karat gold with a deep glossy finish. The translucent qualities of bone china are showcased perfectly in this unique piece as night draws in, a stunning addition to the Coolicon® family.

Dimensions; Height 148mm, Diameter 235mm

Weight 700g Aprox

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Pendant fitting not included